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    • CommentAuthorGunBunnie
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2006 edited
    I happened upon your website a while back and found that a lot of your weapon data is either slightly off or completely wrong. I’m a bit of a gun aficionado, so I think that I could be of great assistance to clearing up any inaccuracies on your website. Also, rather than just telling you what is what and having you just take my word for it, I have included screen grabs of the various weapons in use to confirm 100% that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve spent a lot of time compiling this list so I hope you just don’t shrug this off without considering it. Anyway, let’s go season by season.

    Season 1

    Kills #1-2 (Random Assailant x 2) and 6-7 (Neill and Gaines)
    Alright, to start off, Jack has never used a SIG P220. I've noticed that Jack prefers compact sidearms that are more easily concealed. Although the answer to what Jack actually uses is a bit complicated and a big continuity error to the keen eye. You see Jack uses both a SIG P228 AND a SIG P229. They're virtually the same gun, except the P229 is constructed differently so that it's available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG where as the P228 is only available in 9mm. And as you can tell from [url=]this picture[/url] of them (top: P228, bottom: P229), the slide rails on the P228 go all the way up the slide where as the P229 rails only go up halfway.

    Here is a series of pictures showing Jack's gun switch back and forth.
    [url=]First, it's a P228...[/url]
    [url=]...then it's a P229...[/url]
    [url=]...then it's a P228 again![/url]

    Why they do this? My guess is that one gun is the "hero prop" used for all the closeups and stuff, while another one is used to get all banged and scratched up. Personally, I would switch every entry that says "SIG P220 .45" (kills #1-2 and 6-7) to read "SIG P228". It's obvious that we are meant to think that it's the same gun. And the P228 is what is featured in all the publicity shots, [url=]such as this[/url].

    Also, Jack had the silencer on for all of those kills and I noticed that you had started to specify this in Seasons 4 and 5, so you may even want to put "SIG P228 (Silenced)" instead.

    Also, I'm not sure if you want to change this or not, but Jack kills Neill (#6) while [url=]dual weilding his silenced P228 and a Glock 17[/url]. However, it's pretty obvious that the killing shot is achieved with the P228 as he is virtually putting down the Glock before the guy falls over. Your call.

    Kills #8-10 (Drazen Flunky, Andre Drazen, and Victor Drazen)
    As far as the Beretta M92FS guns aren't even colored like a Beretta Inox, [url=]such as this one[/url]. The "inox" refers to the silver finish, but his guns are black. You can tell from [url=]this screen shot[/url] and this [url=]screen shot[/url] that the gun is a [url=]H&K USP[/url]. He actually dual weilds them for kills 8 & 9 so you may want to put something like "H&K USP x2" or "Akimbo H&K USPs" for those.