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    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2008
    Wow it's been a long time since I've logged into the site. It's been a long year and a half waiting for new 24 content and after 24: Redemption I'm trying to schedule time to update with the new carnage.

    My plan is to base the count after the extended creators cut coming out this Tuesday. At this point I'm unsure if there is any extra action sequences but that is what the count is going to be based off of. Hopefully within the next week or two (damn holiday) I can get the updates on the site. With Redemption really only being equal to two episodes it shouldn't be so bad.

    Also Gunbunnie as always is on top of things alot more then I am. If anybody is even reading the forums anymore (we had about 3000 visitors yesterday after the airing) he hooked me up with his findings on the weapons of 24: Redemption

    When Jack opens the box, there are two guns:
    One is a compact model of Glock. I really can't determine the exact
    model number because it depends on caliber, which is near impossible
    to determine on TV. But it's either a 19, 23, 25, 32, or 38. A Glock
    19 is probably most likely due to the abundance of 9mm prop guns and
    how cheap the rounds are, but you never know. So, I don't know how
    you'd want to post it as on the count. "Glock (Compact)" or "Glock
    19/23/25/32/38" would make the most sense. I personally feel "Glock
    (Compact)" looks neater and is less confusing, but that's up to you. I
    can always clarify in the comments.

    A CZ-52 is the other gun in the box, but it doesn't look like he ever
    uses it to shoot anyone.

    But, in this scene there is a close-up of the box, and as I said
    before it looks like he's pulling the CZ-52 out of the box, but when
    the camera cuts back to Jack he pulls the Glock out instead and does a
    press check. Then he tosses the Glock in his bag and grabs some

    We get to see some nice explosive kills, which are always awesome, but
    I know how hard it is to do the count with them.

    We don't see the CZ-52 for the rest of the movie. Anytime you see him
    make a kill with a handgun, it's with a Glock (Compact). He actually
    throws the Glock on the ground during this fire fight and through a
    knife kill he's able to procure an AK-47 (AKMS) , just like in Season
    4. He gets in some good kills with that.

    Eventually Jack gets Benton's gun, which as it so happens is an
    identical compact Glock.

    The rifle that Benton has (and it changes hands a few times) is a
    Lee-Enfield Rifle.
    I don't think they kill anyone with it during the movie, but here it
    is anyway just in case.

    And that's about it.

    Questions about anything please email me hopefully the 24: Redemption count will be up soon!