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    2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast News: 24 Returns in 2008! Yes!

    This just in from our "Buddies" over at BuddyTV, folks.

    It's some of the best television news I've heard this year.

    Be sure to read on below and don't forget to listen to our interview with BuddyTV Founder, David Niu, as well as the other podcasts from previous seasons of 24.

    What great news!

    Begin Forwarded Message from BuddyTV...

    "Hey Mike,

    My name is Nick Dumi and I'm reaching out from We just published a new article for 24 with some really exciting news for fans. Feel free to check it out and share with fans of your site. I think they would really enjoy it.

    '24' to Air Two-Hour Prequel in the Fall

    "This should appease some impatient 24 fans. While recent announcements by FOX have led viewers to believe that 24 would not be returning to the air until January 2009, it turns out that fans will get a taste of Jack Bauer this Fall. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that FOX will produce a two-hour 24 prequel to air this Fall that will bridge the gap between seasons 6 and 7. Season 7 of 24 was the highest profile casualty of the recent WGA writers' strike. It was set to air in its entirety this Winter, but production delays, coupled with the strike, derailed that plan..."