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    I have to admit that I hadn't taken the time to see this movie in the theaters but was proud and touched when I took the time to watch it this last weekend. That being said, everyone knows that this isn't a MOVIE REVIEW site - for that you'll have to check out my Mike's Movies Blog in the near future. The reason I bring up Oliver Stone's WORLD TRADE CENTER is because we are graced in the film with a variety of regulars throughout the picture.

    First up is one of my favorite, long-term characters, the always standing-to-be-in-the-right Mike Novick, portrayed by actor Jude Ciccolella. He is one of the first people seen in the New York Port Authority Police Department ready room as Inspector Fields, the one dude in a white shirt featured in the entire movie. Though his part is short in the story, there he stands bold as can be and was one of the survivors of that fateful day. Jude is one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood and I am so very fortunate to see him when he's going into pieces like this because of the legitimacy he brings. He's from Nassau County, NY, and so this clearly would have been something special to him.

    Second, is someone that I've seen in a variety of television shows recently but never has he stood out more than in last years season 5 of "24". Actor Tim Wright portrayed Kirkland, the Rear Admiral in charge of the F-18 squadrons that are being sent to support Jack, but are sent too late. Brian and I referred to him in our reviews as "Read Admiral Black Lightning" -- mostly because the dude is black, but that he has the STRIKING, KILLER eyes. In WORLD TRADE CENTER, this is another opportunity for him to play a vital role, offering words of encouragement and setting perfect example of class, heroism, and duty in what was the final hours of the life of Veteran Officer Reynolds. Tom Wright was born in Englewood, New Jersey, and so this probably meant quite a bit to him as well.

    The third and last appearance I saw was that of Roger R. Cross, everyone's favorite black sidekick agent, Curtis Manning. Roger played the Doctor overseeing the recovering and services being rendered to Will Jimino in the film.

    With the appearance of these three, there as not only the legitimacy that was delivered that I talked about, but also a sense of being familiar - a common knowledge that I know what I was watching wasn't something so alien - and knowing that because actors that have had length in "24" were in it, allowed me to step even more easily into the role of movie participant.

    The movie is something to behold, and then something to watch with someone you love while you hold them. World Trade Center is available on DVD, and I recommend seeing the second disc available with the Special Commemorative Edition.