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    24 Finale Reviews - DONE!
    Written by Mike Wilkerson - LunchTimeGab.Com
    Friday, 26 May 2006

    The last 4 and a half months have been a fantastic experience and a sheer joy for Brian and I while creating the "2GuysTalking: 24" show, and we're happy to announce that the two most recent shows, reviewing the last 2 horus of "24" Day five are live and at least as entertaining as the "24" Finale itself.

    At the LunchTimeGab.Com website, be sure to click on the "Download Our Podcasts" link or just click the link below:

    Also remember that you can now subscribe and review us on iTunes now, but subscribing to our podcast by inserting the following URL into your podcast subscription tool inside of iTunes:

    iTunes has become our main source of listenership, garnering hundreds of people each week, in fact, we've recently received a bandwidth notification warning because our traffic has been so solid!

    Many thanks to our listeners for that and we simply cannot wait for it all to grow thanks to your patronage. Look for more details about our visitors as well as advertising opportunities, new segments and services as we roll into post-24 show planning.

    -- Mike Wilkerson
    Creator/Talk Show Host - 2GuysTalking: 24