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    • CommentAuthorGunBunnie
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2006 edited
    Season 4

    Kills #1-2 (Random Terrorists x 2)
    Ok, Jack's [url=]sniper rifle[/url] for these two kills is an [url=]Accuracy International AWP[/url]. Actually I suspect that it might be a Remington 700 with it's stock removed and replaced with the [url=]AICS[/url], but I think we're supposed to get the impression that it's the AWP, so I'd go with that.

    Kills #4-10, 12-13, 15-18, 20-22, 28-31, 33-41, and 43-44 (Lots of different people)
    Alright, first of all there is no such thing as a P2000-K. There is, however, a P2000 and a P2000SK. I do think P2000K was the preliminary name for the P2000SK though. Anyway, it doesn't mater. Jack has never ever used a P2000. In fact, in seasons 4 and 5, Jack is still using the USP Compact that he has in season 3. [url=]Here is a picture of the three guns together[/url].

    The P2000 is the top-left one, the P2000SK is on bottom-left and the USPc is on the right. Furthermore, Jack does not use a P229 chambered in .357 Sig (How did you come up with that caliber?) Whenever you have Jack using the P229, he's just using his USP Compact again. Here are various screen grabs to prove (hopefully) that he's using the HK USP Compact:

    [url=]Shot #1[/url]
    [url=]Shot #2[/url]
    [url=]Shot #3[/url]
    [url=]Shot #4[/url]

    So, I would change every instance of "HK P2000-K" and "SIG P229 357 SIG" to "HK USP Compact"

    Kill #11 (Random Terrorist)
    Hmmm... COIC Type 56? Isn't that a bit...specific? I mean, there are a lot of makes of the AK. It's probably the most widely copied firearm design. Declaring it as the Norinco 56 is like picking up a glass of cola without tasting it and declaring it to be RC Cola when it may in fact be Pepsi or Coke. It sure looks like it, but it might not necessarily be it. Actually I'm fairly sure it's not the Type 56 as I believe the 56 is derived from the old AK-47 design, while the gun Jack is using ([url=]shot 1[/url] and [url=]shot 2[/url]) is the newer variant known as the AKM or rather the [url=]AKMS[/url] since it has the folding stock. So what you put is up to you. You could put "AK-47" or "AKMS" since that is the variant it is, or maybe even put "AK-47 (AKMS)" to clarify.

    Kill #19 (Random Terrorist)
    The silenced pistol that Jack uses before Tony arrives to save him is actually another [url=]Beretta M92FS[/url], not a Glock 17 "Pro."

    Kill #25 (Random Commando)
    The [url=]weapon Jack uses[/url] on this guy is actually a [url=]Mossberg 590 Mariner[/url].
    You can tell from these two screenshots ([url=]#1[/url] and [url=]#2[/url])

    Kill #26 (Random Commando)
    The [url=]shotgun Jack uses [/url]for this kill is a standard [url=]Mossberg 590[/url] with Ghostring sights. If you look at the shotguns [url=]on the rack[/url], you’ll notice that it looks exactly like the Mariner shotgun, except all black.