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    • CommentAuthorGunBunnie
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2006 edited
    Season 3

    As you can see from [url=]this screen shot[/url], Jack’s primary sidearm in this season is the [url=]HK USP Compact[/url]. However, due to the nature of this season (him going rogue in Mexico) we won’t really be seeing much of it for a bit. But keep in mind that this is what it looks like.

    Kill #1 (Peel)
    Alright, I said before that I wasn't the best at identifying revolvers, but I found out from the good people at [url=]S&W Forums[/url] that the revolver Jack uses to kill Peel is a S&W Model 66.

    Kills #3-5 (Random Nina Lackey x 3)
    Jack takes a [url=]Beretta 92FS[/url] from Nina's Lackey and uses it to make kills #3-5

    Kill #9 (Nina Myers)
    Jack kills Nina with a [url=]Beretta M92FS[/url] (I used to love this gun, but I am really getting sick of seeing it.)

    Kill #10 (Random Amador Guard)
    Jack gets his [url=]USP Compact [/url]back and uses it to kill the Random Amador Guard.

    Kills #11-12 (Random Saunders Employee x 2)
    Furthermore, Jack uses the [url=]USP Compact[/url] to kill both of the Random Saunders Employees. Jack in action.

    Kill #13 (Ryan Chapelle)
    Jack uses his [url=]USP Compact [/url]to kill Ryan Chapelle

    Kill #14 (Arthur Rabens)
    And finally Jack uses his [url=]USP Compact[/url] to kill Arthur Rabens.
    • CommentAuthorsdawg44
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2006 edited
    Gunbunnie, you're obviously an expert, so can you identify this gun for me? It's for a film project I'm on right now, and I'm told its a Browning, but Browning's generally have rounded trigger guards, don't they?
    • CommentAuthorGunBunnie
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2006 edited
    You're right in that Browning Hi-Powers do generally have rounded trigger guards. What you have shown me is still a Hi-Power. However, it is not a traditional Single Action version, but a Browning Double Action (an early model too.)

    As you can see from here, the DA and DAO versions of the pistol all had curved trigger guards:

    P.S. That Hi-Power has a lot of bling. Where did ya get the pic?