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    • CommentAuthorGunBunnie
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2006 edited
    Season 2

    Kill #1 (Goren)
    You can tell from [url=]this screengrab[/url], that it is a [url=]Beretta M92FS[/url].
    The real mystery is "Where the hell did Jack get this gun from?"

    Kills #2-3 (Chris and Scott)
    First I want to admit that I'm not the best with wheelguns. They all look the same to me. However, I was able to recognize that [url=]the revovler Michelle hands Jack[/url] is the same exact revolver Ronnie gives Kim later in the season, so I took a good screen grab and [url=]asked for a little help from the experts[/url]. It's a S&W Model 60 and you'll notice that the handgun Eddie Grant reluctantly hands over to Jack IS a Berettna M92FS Inox.

    So, since [url=]Jack dual weilds these pistols for kills #2-3[/url], I would put as the weapon "S&W Model 60 & Beretta M92FS Inox" or something similar as you can't tell which gun made the killing shot.

    Kill #4 (Eddie)
    Of course Jack drops the revolver and just [url=]uses the Beretta M92FS Inox to finish off Eddie[/url].

    Kill #5 (Random Terrorist)
    Jack takes out the random terrorist with his [url=]P228 [/url]as seen here.

    Kill #6 (Corel Snake Soldier)
    If you wanted to know the specific flare gun Jack uses to take out the Corel Snake Soldier, it's a [url=]H&K P2A1[/url], but with [url=]the barrel and grip painted orange[/url].

    Kills #7-9 (Corel Snake Soldier x 3)
    Alright, there are a couple problems with this M15 choice. #1 is that you're linking to an [url=]airsoft web page[/url], which isn't 100% reliable. The real [url=]M15 A4[/url] looks nothing like [url=]what Jack is using[/url]. Jack is using a gun that either is or is mocked up to look like an [url=]M4A1[/url]. It's equiped with [url=]RIS, verticle foregrip, an AN/PEQ-2 laser, and a very busted up ACOG scope[/url].

    Kills #10-13, 19 (Hired Gunman x 5)
    Jack is back with his [url=]SIG P228[/url] for these kills

    Kill #20 (Aimless Kingsley Henchman)
    Jack achieves his final kill of the series with the [url=]SIG P228[/url] before he loses it. :-(
    It will be missed...

    Kills #21-24 (Aimless Kingsley Henchman x 2, O'Hara, Clueless White Supremacist)
    The gun that Jack takes from O'Hara is a [url=]H&K USP[/url] (Silenced). It is not a USP Tactical as the Tactical has higher sights to accommodate a silencer and the rear sight is adjustable. However, the sights on this gun are fixed and normal size. Hence, for kills #21-24 it's a "H&K USP (Silenced)" You can check [url=]this screenshot[/url] right before he makes the kills to confirm that it is indeed a USP.

    Kills #26-29 (Aimless Kingsley Henchman x 4)
    Hmmm...the H&K G3-SG1 is a good guess, but that's not what this is. You'll notice from [url=]these pictures[/url] that the G3-SG1 actually has a flash hider on the end of the barrel. But as you can see from [url=]this screenshot[/url], there is none. Jack is actually using a "HK SR9T" You can [url=]see it here[/url], it's the 2nd picture down. The only difference between the stock SR9T and the [url=]rifle Jack is using[/url] is that the rifle in he show is equipped with the traditional HK91 fore grip and bipod, giving it a weird MSG90 with a PSG1 grip...look.