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    In several other message board/forum systems the question is being asked already:

    "Did "24" SUCK this season? What do you think?"

    My one-word answer for the description of this season in general is "disjointed."

    Never before have we had so many different pieces floating around, that never come together to form something solid, and it has not only hurt the "show" but it's hurt the most important piece of what is 24 fandom - the viewers. Only a few shows have the "honor" of being on the top 20 all of their run on television, and last week? You guessed it:

    24 wasn't even on the Top 20 shows last week.

    You have to write smarter, you have to write with respect to the viewers and my most vital survival comment this week on our 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast:

    24 MUST find a way to write for us, more intelligently, in a way that takes out the hallmark "SOAP OPERA-esque" crap out of it. There has to be smart writing that allows our characters to interact without thinking that they all want to go into a corner and hump or be jealous that someone else is doing the same thing every time we see them. it's sickening and MUST STOP for 24 to survive.

    What do YOU think? Are you ready for some smart, intelligent, engaging writing? I know I am.
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2007
    I wrote a huge response to your question but the damn forums timed out my login and i lost it. I'll write a shorter one.

    After such a high point of season 5, season 6 for the hardest of the hardcore has been a disappointment. For newer fans I seem to see a lot of agreement that season 6 is better or on par with seasons 4 and 5 and i cannot agree.

    Season 5 had it's problems but as a whole the highs WAY out weighted the lows. With season 6 going bigger I think TPTB wrote themselves in a corner. This would have been a great season for 24 to take a step back and do a smaller story. With Jack being broken down they could have even kept the family storyline and things just would have worked better. CTU is just a joke....with a bomb going on in their city their employees are trying to have sex with another. With previous seasons at least CTU tried to sell that bad things were happening. CTU season 6 are just awful. Oddly enough their field units have picked it up a notch only really botching one mission where in the past they always screwed things up.

    Regardless I think a lot of the issues is fans are used to getting gold and when we get silver we get vocal. For the most part I've been pretty quiet with my displeasure. I still enjoy watching the show and this season really up to papa bauer killing his son was pretty badass. After that was the downhill....the bauer lite episodes....the slaughter of aaron pierce's character....the retarded kid

    Fayed's death episode was vintage 24 and bits and pieces have been coming back with the action picking up and i liked heller coming back too.

    The finale should be interesting and I will be getting very drunk for it.....BC will be updated asap.....

    regardless i would love to hear what fans have to say on the topic and not the fans from the offical boards...if you end up here you are hard core fans so please let us know!!!
    • CommentAuthorGunBunnie
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2007
    You know, when the whole Milo/Nadia thing started going on I said something to the effect of, "Come on! There is an office romance every season now! It was cool the first few times, but jeez...enough of that shit."

    So, I was very happy to see Milo die so suddenly like that. Totally awesome.

    But he will be missed.
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2007
    the funny this is that 24 knows how to do it right....they did the big romance with tony/michelle and that was fine for the time.

    season five they "hinted" at romance with bill and karen and really that is how it should be done....even into season six fine they are married but working hard and doing what needs to be done.

    the milo/nadia thing was just unforgivable...also with morris/chloe...i haven't heard anybody enjoying their interaction this year one bit.

    the other funny thing is 24 knows how to do humor right....i find lennox's character hysterical but the forced humor of chloe may get a chuckle here and there but i know people that despise her character and i've wished for her exit from the show multiple times.

    the thing is mostly we know the writers can give good programming it's just doing it the right way.

    i laughed my ass off when milo died...that is the humor then need to do more of ;-)